Published on 23 May 2024 at 17:38

I read a story about some food yesterday and it greatly encouraged me.

I love food, if you can't tell! Here are a few pictures of me enjoying a time to fill my belly!


Here's a cool food story for you:


In Matthew 15, you'll find the story about Jesus feeding a multitude of 4000 plus people.

His disciples presented him with only 7 loaves of bread and two fishes.  Jesus took it gladly!


Jesus always takes the little that we have because He can do so much with it. But it's also important to understand that when we have "little" it is enough! Nothing that the Lord gives us is bad. If we have it, and it is from the Lord, it is good and it is ENOUGH!


Jesus took the little that was given to Him and He made it Massive! Often, we complain about the little instead of giving Jesus our little, so that He can make something massive out of it!




What's beautiful is what happens BEFORE the miracle. There was a moment of thankfulness. Jesus also did this before feeding the 5000. He takes the little food and stops to say " thank you" for the little. THEN that's when the miracle happens. The miracle happened AFTER the thanks.


How many of us are missing out on miracles simply because we refuse to say thank you for the little that we have.


Is it because we do not see our "little" as good? Is it because we do not see our "little" as enough?

Is it because we know God is good, but we want Him to be better?


There's nothing wrong with asking God to change a circumstance. The Bible encourages us to ask to receive, but it also reminds us to be thankful for everything. We can ask Jesus to change a circumstance, but have we first thanked Him for the circumstance.


Jesus gave thanks BEFORE He requested the change.

Jesus gave thanks BEFORE the change could happen.


When Jesus gave thanks, everyone was able to eat. 

When we are thankful, it is not just us who will be filled but everyone else impacted with the circumstance can be fed as well.

Thankfulness brings miracles
Thankfulness fills you!
Thankfulness brings rest for your soul


What "little" thing are you thank-FULL for today?

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