Anxiety Made Worse!

Published on 16 May 2024 at 17:43

Anxiety isn't something you have to just " get over" or just " figure it out". In fact, the more we do in our own strength, the more we make matters worse


Can anyone admit to this experience? I struggled with anxiety the last two years and I can honestly say it is no fun.


I never thought I would experience anxiety or anxiety panic attacks. The life I lived proved to others that I could keep going at a fast pace and be ok with it. It caught up with me


Something I found to be true was that the anxiety and panic attacks I was having were causing me to see and believe things that were not true.


There's a story in the Bible, in Numbers 13 (read on your own time) where Moses sent men out to investigate a land that God promised to them.


These men came back extremely scared based off of what they could see with their physical eyes. They shared their anxious thoughts with the people and even caused others to panic right along with them


They mentioned that the people of that land were giants. They even said that In "their eyes" they were like grasshoppers to the Giants and that the Giants looked at them as grasshoppers as well. This was a perspective from their own sight and not with spiritual sight and trust that God had already promised them the land to possess.


How many times does our anxiety make things bigger and worse than they are? I'm so thankful that the Bible encourages us to not lean on our own understanding but to trust God.


Our anxiety can become contagious, and it can also hinder us from obtaining all that the Lord has for us.


The Bible tells us not to be anxious, but truth be told, just because we know to do good doesn't mean that we know HOW TO do good!

Jesus is the ONLY One who can cleanse us from our anxiety! He died for it and He desires to free us from it.


Let Him!


Comment "prayer" if you're needing prayer for victory over your anxiety!

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