Resting in the Unknown

Published on 30 May 2024 at 18:01

Ever find yourself pondering and dwelling on things you don't know?

Here are some unknowns that we love to ponder:


" Where am I going to get the money?"
" What kind of job am I going to get?"
" Who's going to be my friend?"
" Where am I going to live?"
" How many kids am I going to have?"
" Who am I going to marry?"

"When and how am I going to die?" 

"What does the future hold for this country?"


How many of us ponder 50 unknowns at one time only to result in stress and unrest?

I can admit that when I start to think about all of the unknowns, my chest gets tight, my breathing gets off, and my head and belly start to hurt. Why put our own bodies through unnecessary strain?


God gives us a way to rest our minds from the unknown. He tells us what we SHOULD know! It's only ONE thing and it's definitely something worth pondering. This One thing is enough for one mind to ponder. There is nothing that we really need to know other than this One thing.   The unknown is meant to be unknown. To know this One thing is to know peace and rest.


What is it?


There's a verse in the Bible that tells us what to think on. Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on many things but the one I love the most is the motivation to think on things that are true. There are so many things that are true but to sum it all up, the truth is God! He instructs us to think on that truth. To think about Him!


Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and KNOW that I am God ". It doesn't say to be still and know where the money is going to come from. It doesn't say be still and know what you're going to eat tomorrow. No! It only says to be still and know that He is God.


Oh, what a rest we gain in our minds and bodies, when we can stop pondering the things that we don't know and ponder the truth that we do know!


The picture above is a picture I took on my phone one day when heading home. It blew my mind because it looked as if the Heavens were opening up. All I could think about was the power and majesty of our Real and Alive God.


If you're a human like me, then we don't know much. So today I encourage you, instead of pondering the unknowns let's take God up at His offer and ponder the truth that He is God.


This is all we NEED to know!

This is the answer to the unknown!
This is how we rest in the unknown


Tell me! What is one characteristic about God that you think of, when you see the picture above?

Comment your answer below!

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Linnette Pilar
2 months ago

The picture makes me think of Genesis 1 when the earth was formless and void and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Despite how crazy and “formless” life can be sometimes, I can take rest in knowing that God sees and knows all and is over all of my chaos.

Cindy Giles
2 months ago

The first word that comes to my mind from the picture above
Is HIS GREAT MAJESTY! So beautiful!!