If you have Rest, YOU ARE RICH!

Published on 11 April 2024 at 15:51

The biggest mess we make daily is depending on ourselves for anything.

Jesus didn't come to save us from ourselves just so that we would return back to the stress of depending on ourselves.

Give that mess to Jesus and let Him replace it with His Rest!


Jesus wants to give us rest but many of us have filled up our lives with stuff that's weighing us down and there's no room for Him to fit His rest in. Jesus wants to give us rest but many of us are holding on to the burden of "trying" and depending on ourselves. Jesus wants us to let go of ourselves for total trust in Him.  He will replace it with His rest.


Would you rather have Rest, or would you rather depend on yourself? The truth is we can't have both.  It's either Rest while depending on Jesus or Don't Have Rest while depending on yourself. Every day and in every situation, we are faced with this choice to make. Which one will it be? And is your choice worth it?


We are professional mess makers. When we try to clean up our messes on our own, we only make the mess bigger. We are incapable of cleaning up on our own.


 If we were capable, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in today. If we were capable, Jesus would have never had to come to clean up for us. 


Many of us want to be freed but we're not willing to let go of the things that are binding us.

Many of us want to feel rested but we're not willing nor are we capable of letting go of the things that are stressing us out.


Jesus came to free us, clean us and give us His Rest. The beauty of our Jesus is that He does this daily and continuously. He never stops.


If you have Rest, you are Rich!

Rest was a costly purchase.

The cost was Jesus' Life for ours.

Rest is costly, but we can obtain it for Free!


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