Do You Include Jesus?

Published on 18 April 2024 at 14:14

If Satan can get us all trapped in being stressed with doing " good things", he can get us distracted from doing the right things that advances the Kingdom of God. He's so nasty and slick!

I got on this random kick of listening to this amazing Doctor on YouTube. He does everything Gods creation and it's wonderful. However, I didn't realize that I had been running to him FIRST before Jesus. In fact, I was just running to the Doctor for everything health and physical needs. I had quickly forgotten that if I had included Jesus who literally lives in me as the Spiritual, First, He can direct me for what's needed in the Physical.


Last week I ended up jumping on this healthy diet type routine. The doctor suggested a large sum of salad for a meal, and I did it. Turns out that it actually made me sick than it made me feel good.  I also ended up finding out that I have a sensitivity to romaine. All that to say I finally decided to include Jesus. Why did all of this happen?


That day, Jesus began to show me that "too much of a good thing can be bad if it's not right". So often we get trapped in doing good things for people and for ourselves. These things may actually be good things however they're not right. We will know if it's right if we've actually taken the time out to include Jesus in our every single decision.


Even if it's. Eating a hefty salad.


Jesus has been teaching me that Satan walks around as an angel of light. He can get us to do good things but not the right things. He can get us to do good things simply because He wants us to be ineffective in the Right things.


The right things always lead us to Jesus' peace and rest. The right things will always bring people back to Jesus or to Jesus for the first time. The right things never leave room for us to elevate ourselves. The right things will never direct us to look at all we've done in comparison to someone else. The right things will not permit an opportunity for us to get upset with God for not blessing us the way we think we should be blessed, because of all we've been doing for Him.


Doing just good things will waver in their results. Which is why God reminds us constantly that it's not of our good deeds. He even says that our flesh cannot please Him. Any " good" thing that we do in our flesh (not asking Jesus if it's right), God will not be pleased with it. We may think it's good and we may define it as good, but in the eyes of God, it is not good!


This is such a hard everyday battle. However, it's so freeing when we include Jesus in the good things we want to do, so that He can show us if it's right. We can then peacefully say " no" to just good things and "yes" to the right things.


Ask yourself, "How much do I include Jesus?"

How much we include Jesus shows how much we truly trust Him and how much we truly believe He is alive. It also reveals why we are so stressed and worn out.


How much we don't include Jesus shows how much we idolize ourselves. It also reveals why we can't rest.

Including Jesus will give you all of the rest that you need!


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