Give Your Mess To Jesus

Published on 4 April 2024 at 16:03

Have you ever said, " I'll figure it out", " I'll get to it eventually", " When I'm not busy, I'll do it"

"I know what I'm doing", or  "It is what it is"?

We are very quick to say what we will do or what we would like to do, but oftentimes, we are a lot better at not doing what we said we would do!


We can desire to do something and then ten years later, what we desired to do has now turned into a mess that is up to our necks. This mess could be family mess, job mess, personal mess, spiritual mess and more.


The question is, are we tired enough? Are we tired of trying to figure everything out on our own? Are we tired of overworking? Are we tired of being tired?


If we really become tired enough, we would go to Jesus. He says to come to Him and He will give us rest. This is a promise!


Jesus desires to get on His own hands and knees to clean up all of our mess, so that we can start fresh.

He doesn't care if it's as simple as an argument you had with someone. He doesn't care if it's as big as a robbery that you committed. He doesn't care if it's a mess you created yesterday, last night, an hour ago, or even years ago. He wants it all.


Jesus sent Himself to clean up a mess He didn't create when He died for us. Our mess cost Him His life. The least we could do is give it all to Him.


Are you willing to give Jesus all of your mess? When we make the choice to give Jesus our mess, we make the choice to give it to Him without hanging on to any part of it and without trying to offer any of our help to clean it up. He doesn't need our help in cleaning up the mess. He simply needs our willingness to give Him all. 


In exchange, He will give us His Rest!


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