Connecting to the Head of Jesus for Bodily Rest

Published on 23 February 2024 at 17:43

 Do you know Jesus but still feel like you can't find Bodily Rest?

What if I told you that it has everything to do with a battle between your Flesh being the Head of your Life and Jesus being the Head of  your life? This is a conscious daily choice that you have to make. Yes, I am talking about even as a Christian!

The believe that the heart of Jesus is sad today because He desires to be the Head of our lives. Many of us are walking around with the benefits of His death but we refuse to carry the weight of His Head as our guide. This results in fleshly thinking and fleshly leading. It is a lifestyle that is choosing to let self, lead itself.


This results in a Restless life, a tired life, and a confused life. He wants to be the Head over your body, the Head on your shoulder today. Any other head that is on your shoulder that is weighing you down, remove it and place Jesus' head on the shoulders of your body. He paid for our bodies though His death, the least we can do is allow Him to be the Head. His body died so that He could be your Head.


Ladies, this is as simple as saying, "Jesus Help. Jesus YOU lead" and then CHOOSING to let go of the fleshly leadership in your life.


Do you feel a conflict between the flesh ( your way of thinking)  and the Spirit that lives inside of you? This is a spiritual warfare and it is real! Flesh will lead you blindly, while Spirit will try to get you to the Light. This results in a body that can NOT rest. A body can only rest, when its head and its body are functioning and working together , appropriately. If the Head of your life is the Flesh ( your way of thinking and what you personally believe) and the Spirit that is in you, is Jesus,( because you accepted the death of Jesus,) you will be in much conflict. They will refuse to work together!  You have to get connected to the Head of Jesus , so that He can speak rest into your body , through His Spirit that lives in you!


Connect to Jesus, and He will give you Rest!


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