Who Will Roll The Stone Away?

Published on 20 June 2024 at 17:14

Have you ever had your hands full and just wished that someone could help carry the heavy load for you?

I read a story in the Bible today, that I've read many times. However, today my eyes were opened to a new perspective. 


In Mark 16: 1-4, you will see a story about two women by the names of Mary Magdelene and Mary, who woke up early in the morning to seek Jesus. Jesus had died and was placed in a tomb. They were going to bring some spices to his tomb. But on the way there, they remembered that the tomb was covered by a big stone. 


The women questioned who was going to roll the stone away for them. This stone was very large and obviously very heavy. They had no one there to help them. It is interesting how they didn't ask each other if one or the other would move the stone. It is also interesting that they didn't automatically assume the load on themselves. One could say that they didn't let pride get in the way of their need of help and strength. Who's going to roll the stone away FOR US?


May we first learn from these ladies to not think we can handle everything on our own. May we also learn that we can indeed trust in Jesus that it will be taken care of.


The stone of the tomb was a covering. It was a door, a blockade, a barrier, a heavy weight that had to be removed before anyone could see Him. But it did not stop these women from still going and seeking Jesus.


How often do we go seeking Jesus, yet something always come up? Maybe life and its cares become that "stone". How often do we use the "stone" as an excuse not to still go seek Jesus? How often do we try to remove or carry the "stone " ourselves?


When the women arrived, they saw something so beautiful and relieving. Their concerns were lifted. The stone had already been rolled away! The heavy lifting had already been taken care of. Praise Jesus!


But here's a thought. These women went to seek Jesus early in the morning. If they did not go to the tomb to see that the heavy lifting had already been take care of for them, could they have missed out on the rest that comes in knowing that Jesus covers and carries their burdens, in such a personal way?


This seems to be the first biblical record of Jesus taking away personal burdens after His death. He didn't have to be there physically in order to meet a need that was heavy to them. Jesus cares. If it heavy to us, it is light to Him!


Jesus is a personal God. His death took our burdens away, but even in our own personal and daily labors,

Jesus desires to take on the heavy lifting for us.


When we go seek Jesus, we don't have to worry about what looks heavy, what will be heavy and what we see to be heavy. We don't have to worry about those that aren't there to help either. We can trust that when we seek Jesus, He will take care of the heavy lifting for us.


He says to Come to Him and He will give us rest. He's serious about it. 


Have you sought Jesus for your heavy lifting? Are you trying to take on a "stone" all by yourself?

Are you afraid of a "stone " in your life? Have you allowed a "stone" to keep you away from seeking Jesus like you need to?

Have you allowed a "stone" to keep you from spending more time with Jesus?


The more time we spend striving, the less time we spend with Jesus.

If the enemy can keep us away from Jesus, he can keep us heavy and weighed down.


Jesus wants us to get to know how personal He really is!

Jesus makes this promise of Rest and He will keep it.


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