What Has Jesus Done For You?

Published on 13 June 2024 at 15:56

Have you ever really taken time out to sit down and think through all that Jesus has done and has been doing for you? I promise this will change the way your soul rests.

When I wasn't looking for Jesus, He sought me
When I was lost, Jesus found me
When I ran away from Jesus, He pursued me
When I was mad at Jesus, He loved me
When I was drowning in myself, Jesus rescued me
When I was sick, Jesus healed me
When I was alone, Jesus was my friend
When I was heading to Hell, Jesus saved me
When I was tired, Jesus became my Rest


Of course, there's so much more, but this pretty much simplifies it for me.


If you read Psalm 78, you'll see David list many things that the Lord God did for the Israelites, but sadly they allowed fear to blind them from the truth of what God had already done for them.  Fear caused them to forget. Fear kept many of them from obtaining the Big Promise of God. Because they saw Giants in the promised land, they quicky forgot how Giant their God was.


Lord Help us not to coward away because of the size of your kept promises. Help us to run to the promise because of the Big God that can only give BIG PROMISES!! The finish line of God's Way will ALWAYS be GIANT! we cannot expect our big God to have a small finale

So, when we get to the end and the Lord is trying to give us something that is so big that it's scary, unrealistic and unbelievable, remember that our BIG GOD can only GIVE BIG AND KEEP BIG PROMISES!!

When it comes to the things that Jesus has done for us. We forget quicker than we remember.
If only we remembered as quick as we forget, maybe our souls would be at rest more often.


What He's done, has cleansed us.
What He's done, has Freed us
The cleansing and the freedom always conclude with a celebration of Rest!


What has Jesus done for you? It's time we start remembering
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