No Greater Need

Published on 4 July 2024 at 16:48

What our physical eyes perceive as a great need may not be the greatest need in the eyes of Jesus.

Before we discuss today's topic, I want to invite you to behold the Glory and beauty of our Creator God. I got the opportunity to take this picture of the clouds and I am still in Awe. There's so much beauty in knowing who Jesus is personally than just knowing what He can do for us. This picture exposes the beauty of His power.


There's a story in the Bible (Luke 5) about a paralyzed man who wanted healing from Jesus. Before Jesus healed Him, He tells the man that His sins were forgiven. 


Wait a minute! This man came to be healed of his paralyzed body, but Jesus decides to forgive him of his sins FIRST. Did Jesus not see that this man needed to be healed in his body? This man has suffered long enough, why is Jesus worried about sins over the OBVIOUS Need at hand?


There were a few bystanders watching and wondering how Jesus could forgive sins. Who did He think He was? It seems as though they had a problem with more of who Jesus was, rather than what He can do.  John 15 and Matthew 10 actually reminds us that people hate Jesus and that we will be hated for His name. But it doesn't state that they hated Jesus for what He can do. Maybe they hate that as well. Ultimately, He's simply hated for His name. His name holds so much power.


When the bystanders were questioning what Jesus had done, Jesus reveals the truth of their hearts. They were ultimately questioning Jesus for who He is. After Jesus explains that He is the Son of God, THEN he decided to heal the paralyzed man.

Perhaps the GREATEST Need is getting to know who Jesus is personally rather than just knowing what He can do for us.


We can usually tell if we love Jesus for Him alone or if we love Him just for what He can do. We can tell this based on how much we give Him all the glory and praise or just by how much we share His name. Once the man was healed, the people started to glorify God Himself. They didn't glorify the act. They glorified God.


Do we desire Jesus as our First and Great need or do we desire our physical needs to be met first?


Jesus took care of the Spiritual need, but He also took care of the Physical! This is so beautiful. Sometimes, we think that if we go to Jesus for the spiritual that He will not care for the physical. Our Jesus cares!


If we have Jesus, we have everything we need. Seek First the Kingdom of God and all the in the things that we need will be added to us, according to the will of God.


Jesus is the Great Need in every aspect of our lives.


Do you have a need today? I want to encourage you that Jesus sees it. The Father knows everything that we need.

Come to Jesus. He is greatly needed in order for our needs to be met.


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