I Make My OWN Choices

Published on 2 May 2024 at 14:06

Free Will is so beautiful! It's a reflection of God's Love. However, ask yourself! Did Jesus really come all the way down to give up His Life and His Spirit, so that we would continue to make our OWN choices, alone?

We have to admit, we are so prideful! We will never be able to escape our pride, until Heaven.


The Bible talks about our flesh and how it will never please God. This is basically to say that anything that is produced and comes out of our flesh alone, is filthy and will always be filthy! That is a humbling and sad thought altogether. There's our proof of our need for Jesus.


God has given Jesus the power to receive ALL of the Glory. He didn't say 90% glory goes to Jesus and 10% goes to us. Nope! Jesus gets it all.


How often have you said, " That's my choice" or " I make my own Choices" or even " If I make the mistake, I make the mistake, that's my choice"? I know I've said it many times. Do you recognize any pride in any of those phrases? I know, I do! Those phrases reveal the truth of our hearts. It reveals how much we desire to take credit and get self-glorification, even if it's just 1%. Taking pride in being able to "make our own choices" reveals the sliver of self-glorification our flesh really loves. Our flesh hates to feel powerless, irresponsible, or even incapable. Sadly, we cannot escape our pride!


If we continue to pride in our "own choices" then we must be willing to reflect the truth that anything in our flesh, will never please God. This includes our "own choices". We can make choices and believe that it's a good one, according to our judgment. But if we never included Jesus on that choice, in the eyes of God, it is not good. It is not pleasing, and it is filthy.


Do we really want to take pride in our own choice making now?


Thank God for sending Jesus! Jesus died, so that the Holy Spirit can help us with those choices. 


I believe the beauty of allowing Jesus to help us make choices, is the Rest. When we make our own choices WITHOUT Jesus, we are left with carrying the burden of our own consequences. Pride will tell us "Make your own choice". Pride will also say " You made a good choice on your own before, you don't need Jesus for any other choices from here on out.". Pride will also say, " God gave you a brain. You know how to use your brain without going back to Him for advice". This is a restless lifestyle of always depending on yourself. And if we're honest, it gets very stressful.


How selfish it is that we would take the benefit of having Jesus living in us but refuse to have Him help us with our choices.

He did not die to be dragged along with our choices. He died to lead us. He leads by humbling serving us with the correct choices!


When we include Jesus in our choices, any other choices after will cause us to come running back to Him.

And "oh what peace we often forfeit, all because we do not carry everything to God"!


Are you willing to give up your "ownership" of choice making in order to have the Rest that only comes from God and through Jesus?


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God bless!


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Meghan Waters
3 months ago

Thank you

3 months ago

What a great reminder that we need Him and not to lean to our own understanding.

Leah Hinton
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Ramona Foster
3 months ago

Thank you Kimberly!💕