4 Challenges On People Pleasing

Published on 25 January 2024 at 11:00

Did you know that People Pleasing is a thief of our Rest in God?



Boy are these challenges for me!
I'm the first to raise my hand to say, I need to practice all of these challenges.. And if we're all honest, I'm sure we all can admit that we all need this!
Sometimes we convince ourselves that pleasing people and loving people the way God wants us to love them is the same thing. But there is a clear difference!
Jesus would never put himself in a situation that forces Him to put the pleasing of others before pleasing His Father

Here are the 4 Challenges:


1. Understand your worth in Christ! If we understand our worth in Christ, we wouldn't want validation and approval of man, over God's approval!


2. Ask yourself, "Am I really doing this because the Lord wants me to do this, or am I doing it to keep someone happy?"


3. Understand that people pleasing is another level of being controlled. Are you comfortable with knowing that you are allowing people to control you, and to order your steps and decisions? Or would you prefer that God leads you and direct your steps?


4. Understand that your people pleasing is a choice. You can always make a change!


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